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Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr. Milan Doshi is the top most Expert Celebrity Cosmetic surgeon with International expertise to improve body appearance of both men and women.
201, Shree Krishna, Opp. Laxmi Industrial Est, Near Fun Republic, New Link Rd. Lokhandwala Andheri West, Mumbai India 400053
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Why Should You Choose Breast Asymmetry Procedure?

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Breast Asymmetry Surgery

The most common problem among women is unevenness of breasts. Through media and entertainment industry we are portrayed image which is far from reality. These images and videos of women are airbrushed, filtered and altered tocatch the imagination of masses. Reality with everyday woman is quite different from what these shallow portrayals are shown to masses. Every day, women try to look her utmost best. Makeup, hair extension or just bit of touch up are designed to enhance her confidence, but for some physical shortcoming there is no over the counter solution.

Biggest issue women face regularly due to asymmetry in breasts is buying inner garment which fits and suits them perfectly. Shopping becomes a nightmare for these women. Many women resort to tailor made garment or buying prosthetic bra’s to balance body image. These are just physical effect which women face with this condition, but there are also mental effects. Women becoming more conscious about her body image and hence suffer from lack of self-confidence. She might suffer relationship problems as well as psychological hitches. Psychological impact can cause pain and hence having surgery is just human solution to counteract these problems.

Every patient has different problem, as sometimes breast asymmetry is not so visible and on occasion many women don’t even recognise there problem.

Age of patient opting for breast asymmetry must be over 18 years. If prospective patient is looking for breast implants or breast enlargement she should wait till 21 years of age before opting for surgical method of such sorts.   It’s an individual process which can be altered to patients need. On many occasions surgery is performed on one or both breasts. Patient can even opt for breast reduction.

Like any other cosmetic patients of Alluremedspa breast asymmetry surgical patients are happy with their result, as the success of the surgery is noticeable immediately. Dr. Milan Doshi who is Co-founder of Alluremedspa is also the medical head of both centers; make’s sure that each of his patient is satisfied with the experience of the surgery and makes sure they get proper care pre and post-surgery.

See Before & After Photos of Breast Asymmetry Surgery


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