Tahiza, Azerbayjan

Dr. Milan is a very friendly and personable doctor. He provided what I felt were honest and realistic answers to the questions I had involving the complexity and risks associated with the surgery. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. Everyone seemed very competent, and I feel the results of the surgery improved my overall appearance. I don’t know what the final outcome will be, but I feel a lot better about the shape of my nose so far.

Mommy Makeover

CJC Davis

As a “fun-size” or petite woman, I was always conscious of my physical appearance and weight. My husband and I are both older parents and with age the figure doesn’t always pop back into place after child-bearing and nursing. Nonetheless, after my two successful pregnancies, I was always able to lose the so-called baby weight and return to my normal petite clothing sizes. However, my body morphed from happy and perky to saggy and baggy! (LOL) After years of contemplating and gaining insight from close relatives and friends who have undergone similar procedures, I too took an interest in hopes of gaining my physical appearance and my self-confidence back. Hence the new journey began…

Buttock Implants


Knowledgeable, talented doctor with the passion. Can trust. He doesn’t perform his work only for money making purpose A very good human been to trust as your doctor for such personal surgeries. I trust his work.


Nazneen, Qatar

Great team, qualified, experienced and courteous; more than enough information regarding the prep, actual procedure and aftercare; and my results makes me highly satisfied about going to Dr. Milan Doshi for my lipo. Wouldn’t go to anyone else, for any future procedures. Thank you!
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